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  • S-E-what?
  • What’s a SERP? What exactly is E-E-A-T?
  • Domains have credit scores and wear hats?

The world of search engine optimization can be fulfilling as it is headache inducing. With Google releasing major core algorithm updates like they’re going out of style while secretly testing changes to the search experience that directly impact day-to-day performance, you need a team of seasoned SEO experts on your side.

With over thirty years of combined experience in the legal space, the team at Law Push will help you navigate the complexities of SEO into meaningful results that you witness in real life, not just on paper.

My Previous Agency Took My Money & Ran

With the number of agencies out there who cater to the legal market, it’s challenging to determine who to trust with your investment and digital presence. At the end of the day, it’s about determining the metrics that correlate with your business performance.

A Collaborative Approach

Collaboration leads to business results for you, specifically finding the middle ground between front-end website and SEO performance and how that correlates to your business. For example, if our technical SEO efforts are resulting in a first-page search result for a key case type, we want to know if you’re receiving more calls, form submissions, and chat engagements. From the increased volume, are you seeing a proportional increase in new clients or is the number of new clients flat? We work with you to determine if our collaborative efforts are resulting in an increase of clients and revenue.

The Law Push SEO strategists work with you as a business growth partner. We’re invested in the long-term success of your law firm as an extension of your team and you as a business owner.

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Types of SEO


This is optimization work literally ON your website ranging from fixing broken links to adding new content pages to updating the site code to help the site load faster. The goal of on-site work is to enhance its organic reach by establishing site authority and signaling to Google about your business.

Client Acquisition


This is SEO work literally OFF of your website. Yes, SEO happens away from your website in the form of backlinks, public relations, community outreach, research papers, and the like. The goal is to have links and references that point to your website to help increase its authority. Think of it like a map of a small town – there aren’t many routes to get to your destination. Off-site SEO builds more accessible roads to get to that town. That town is your website.


“Late night ice cream shop near me.” If you’ve ever fired up Google Maps or done a search for a geographic specific term, you’re relying on the Google algorithm to provide relevant results. Those results are very often based on local SEO efforts. This is a mix of geographic terms related to your physical business location and the areas you service along with off-site signals such as your Google Business Profile listing.